The Ultimate Guide To Solving Your Frustrating SEO Problems

The Ultimate Guide To Solving Your Frustrating SEO Problems

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My name is Steven Wilk and I wrote :-

‘The Ultimate Guide To Solving Your Frustrating SEO Problems’

‘SEO – What Would Your World Look Like If You Sidestep SEO?’

This is a book for anyone that runs a business online or offline. 

You may already be frustrated with SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

Perhaps you know you need to do SEO and promote your business but have put it off because you do not know where to begin?

  • SEO Strategy?
  • SEO or Social Media Marketing?
  • SEO or Digital Marketing?
  • SEO or PPC?
  • SEO or Content Marketing?
  • SEO or SEM?
  • SEO or Google Ads?

Do you wish to avoid these complicated questions? 

Do you hate the time SEO takes, the expense, the energy involved and the focus SEO demands?

If so then this is for you.

Precise With Fluff Removed 

This is a deliberately short book with all the fluff removed.

It is 29 pages.

Your time is precious.

My objective is to quickly show you how this works.

You can then make an informed decision if this sounds like a smart strategy that you wish to follow.

  • No complicated SEO checklists with 100 x time consuming points you have to cover
  • No trying to guess which SEO tactic to use
  • No waiting months or years to see results
  • A simple strategy that you can start for free

It begins bringing results within days

It is affordable and will not break the bank

Here are a few things you will discover in my book and the associated free bonus items I give you to accompany it.

I like to keep things simple and so I provide you with a simple explanation.

Discover :-

  • How by using this strategy in 2020, numerous of my clients had their best year ever
  • How you can use this to make your business stand out in the crowd
  • How to prosper even during difficult times
  • Why 97% of business owners do not know this
  • Why this works great for local business owners, ecommerce, professionals, coaches, consultants and course providers
  • Why SEO is old fashioned and outdated
  • The power of using speed instead of complexity
  • Why making your business more well-known will give you the edge
  • How new businesses entering into the marketplace can obtain speedy results
  • How established businesses can refresh attention around core offers, products and services
  • How to find more of your ideal customers and clients
  • How multiple businesses across various niches have obtained great success
  • How to avoid the mistakes many business owners make when trying to do this
  • Why you will not wish to share this with your competition

I will include a case study of a new online business that went from zero pounds to three thousand five hundred pounds per week during 2020.

Bonus items include showing you :-

  • A free way to begin right away
  • A bonus item worth $597 you can use to receive more impressive and faster results
  • A bonus item worth $97 to help your business stand out in the crowd
  • A full ‘nothing held back’ walk through showing full details of how everything works
  • A bonus item worth $149 that gives you an even better and more impactful way to stand out from the crowd

There is much, much more included.

If you want to learn more and discover how your life will look, after you sidestep SEO, download this book today.

It is only $4.97 and comes with a 30 day full money back guarantee.

You can keep the book if you are not happy. Simply email for a full unconditional refund.

Full 30 day money back guarantee

Full 30 day money back guarantee

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A Free method is provided but The Gift Coupon is recommended for enhanced service and can be secured now with no obligation.

Only one per client. Guarantees exposure on a minimum of 300+ international news and media sites.

Includes keywords being ranked and a number will have number 1 positions subject to Google ranking criteria

  • The Gift Coupon is not essential as a free method is provided
  • The Gift Coupon is a great way of ensuring amplified effects and amazing results
  • The Gift Coupon is complimentary to the book

‘Learn How To Make Your Business Stand Out In The Crowd’

Introduction To Running Effective Webinars As An Additional Way To Stand Out From The Crowd – Value $97

Introduction To Running Effective Webinars As An Additional Way To Stand Out From The Crowd – Value $97

Normally $97 this valuable training can be added to your cart today for Free – Free Training Webinar Introductory Masterclass.

If Your Business Is Not ‘Well-Known’ – What Is It Costing You?

Normally $97 this valuable training can be added to your cart for Free today.

Free Training – ‘Webinar Introductory Masterclass’

The increase in the usage of webinars within the past 12 months has been astonishing.

A crazy spike was created during the COVID-19 pandemic and it is a wise move to master webinar skills and then use these skills as an additional way to stand out from the crowd.

People have more time to attend webinars and online events. 

For many this has become a preferred safe way of doing things and is likely to remain popular moving into the future.

This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this trend.

Add this to the business tools that will help you become ‘well-known’

If Your Business Is ‘Well-Known’ It Gives You Advantages?

If your business is not well-known it is certainly costing you money and lost business across a number of different areas.

Think of the number one competitor in your market.

They have lots of exposure and visibility.

They no doubt charge more for their services.

How can they do that?

Because they are … ‘well-known’

They attract new business to them because they are … ‘well-known’

Do you want to grow your business, attract the best clients and charge more?

Becoming ‘well-known’ will allow you to do that.

Webinars are an extra ideal way to help you achieve that.

Full 30 day money back guarantee

If not satisfied simply send an email for a full refund








The results described in this book are the results obtained by the author.

The book describes the authors story and how he came to arrive at the results obtained.

The process for obtaining those results is outlined in the book.

No specific results are promised and this is not a get-rich-quick scheme

or work-from-opportunity.