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Terms Promotional Offer Hotel Savings Card

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Great News! 

We have partnered up with an American holiday and vacation company and can now offer our clients some fabulous rewards and prizes. These rewards are universal and can be used right around the world. 

If you have been awarded a complimentary Hotel Savings Card, listen below and find out more about this fabulous invite

Please ensure you activate your certificate within 7 days. Use the Hotel Savings at your leisure.

Don’t forget to let us know all about the adventures you have and the places you visit! 

See this recent search, using the savings for a couple of 14 day holiday destinations.

Crete and Benidorm are shown here along with the normal retail prices and the savings that can be made.

It will work with single night trips as well.

Happy days. 

Example Crete 4 Star Savings
Example Crete 4 Star Savings

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Example Benidorm Savings 4 Star
Example Benidorm Savings 4 Star
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Terms Promotional Offer – The Terms of The Hotel Savings Certificate  

The terms form part of our overall terms and conditions that can be found here 

The terms of the certificate that you have awarded are as per the terms of the certificate you will receive and as outlined here.

You are entitled to hotel savings discounts at the resort of your choosing. After activation, you will select from the hotel or hotels that are available based on the dates that you enter into the system for your desired travel.

These and other supplied terms, are the terms of our hotel savings card or other savings offer.

Offer of Upgrades or Other Savings

You may be offered upgrades and other savings or incentives. There is no obligation to take any upgrades, extra savings or incentives. In addition, there is no guarantee these will be offered. If you decide to accept, these are not part of our original offer and this is will be one hundred percent your own choice to accept or not accept any such extra offers.

We confirm there are no hoops to jump through and there is no timeshare presentation to attend in order to use the certificate.

One Hotel Savings Certificate 

While we continue to run this complimentary promotion, our clients can, on qualification, use one of these complimentary Hotel Savings Certificates

Other Promotions

Other additional promotions that clients may qualify for, can be used independently from the hotel savings certificate.

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