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Sam The Author – Sample Website Chatbot

Sam 'The Author'
Sam ‘The Author’

This is Sam ‘The Author’ and his Chatbot website helper

  • Do you want to secure new readers for an upcoming book?
  • Promote a book you have already launched?

This is a simple example using a website Chatbot to collect contact details from fans and website visitors pending a book launch in the near future.

The context, conversation and bio photo can be adjusted and tailor made to fit the circumstances for any type of book either pending launch or after launch.

The Chatbot can load on page entry, after a delay or on page exit

If gaining new readers & fans is what you want, one of these Chatbots is for you.

writer of book Chatbots helping gather new readers
Author & writer of a book? Chatbots helping authors gather new readers

Try interacting and see for yourself how the conversation progresses.

These website Chatbots are great for a number of reasons.

They are excellent at getting website visitors to

  • pay attention
  • enagage
  • leave an email address

to allow follow up and updated news about the progress of a book that is due to be launched. 

It is possible to offer a synopsis and/or the first chapter (or something else) as a teaser to get potential readers interested and anticipating the books launch.

Facebook Group For Your Fans

If you have a Facebook group you could also use the Chatbot to invite the website visitor to join your group

More Book Sales Using Chatbots

Boost your book sales volumes by having one of these Chatbots actually provide an offer for the sale of your book right from the conversation they have with your website visitors.

These Chatbots work 24/7 and 365 days of the year. Another sale is another fan!

Using Modern Technology To Improve Your Results!

Compared to a standard landing page or web form asking visitors to leave their contact details, you can expect a much improved response rate when a Chatbot is employed.

If you go right to end of the interaction with the Chatbot, you will also discover another very useful option that website visitors can engage with.

If you actively encourage your readers like this, imagine how many more readers will be attracted to your work

You can have a 24/7 Chatbot working on your website


PS – Website Chatbots work very well in conjuction with a ‘News Release’ on the worlds major news and media sites, all linking directly back to your website to promote your work

Book Launch & Promotion

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