Grab Your Share of Sales From Great Publicity

Grab your share of sales from great publicity

Are You Overlooking One of The Best Way’s to Promote Your Business?

Bounce Back With A Purpose

Great publicity will give your business a massive boost and help secure growth and profits.

One of our recent clients used this method of promoting her business for the first time.

Dawn has an Ecomm shop selling vintage products.

Featured In Top News & Media Sites Worldwide

After featuring in over 400 worldwide news and media sites, and getting ranked in the number 1 position in Google for 193 keyword phrases and in the top ten for 229 phrases, visitors began arriving at her store. Orders soon began coming in from all around the world.

Local orders also saw an increase, as local customers saw her business ranked for search terms in Google.

The campaign was so successful Dawn will be running another and adding a proactive Chatbot to her Ecomm store.

Meet & Greet

These Chatbots perform a ‘Meet & Greet’ function, helping to direct website visitors and improve both enquiries and sales.

Todays website visitors are craving engagement and conversation.

Do this is a way that adds value and meaning and you can expect your results to improve dramatically.

Will this work for your business?

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