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Keyword Rank Checker Giveaway Event News

Keyword Rank Checker Giveaway Event News! Beginners Looking To Secure Profitable Keywords

Celebrating The Addition of New Prizes And Increasing To $25,000 Our Giveaway Event. Launching Our Free Training – Discover How To Find Profitable Keywords & How To Check Your Rank In Googe. $100 (£80+) Hotel Cash Credits Simply For Having a Look! Join Us Now!

You Do Not Need A Keyword Rank Checker If You Have No Profitable Keywords

Do You Know That Googles Share of The Search Market Is 70%.

If you have not discovered what your profitable keywords are and where you are ranking for them in Google, you are certainly missing out by a big sum of money.

Getting One Keyword In Googles Top 10

What is the number 1 keyword you want to rank for in Google?

Getting one of your profitable keywords, in the top 10 of Google search ranking, can be worth many thousands of pounds per year. It can be worth much more, when added up over the lifetime of the keyword. I provide examples of this in the free keyword rank tracker training that has just been launched.

People Are Already Searching For Your Products & Services

People are already using Google to search for the exact products and services you offer. If you have not found and targeted the keywords they are already searching for, you are without doubt, losing a huge chunk of potential business.

In the free keyword training, I show you how to find these keywords and you will discover just how many people are searching for a given keyword per month. I also show you how you get started finding your ideal profitable keywords for free. 

We All Begin Our Keyword Training Somewhere

We have all been there. Not realizing that we should be discovering what our profitable keywords are. Also, maybe not even knowing that we should be tracking their ranking position in Google. If the ranking position is not known, how can you possibly know that it needs improvement?

Don’t forget, some of these keywords can be worth a small fortune to website or blog owners.

Everybody has to begin somewhere. We are here to help and make your journey not only quick and easy but also very enjoyable. Our launch has some fantastic bonuses and prizes that are not available anywhere else.

Keywords Should Be Easy

Keyword identification and tracking those keywords for their ranking position in Google is essentially a very simple process.

The problem is that certain people overcomplicate it. It then takes on a realm of complexity that makes it difficult to understand. It becomes hard to know how to get started and what will produce results is the shortest possible time. 

What Does Keyword Tracking Cost?

Then there is the question of cost. Some keyword tracking tools can cost you as much as $99 per month plus. That’s roughly $1200 per year. It is a hefty price if you are new to the topic of keywords and monitoring their performance.  It is enough to scare many people away before they even get the chance to begin.

Our Aim Free Keyword Training 

Our aim in providing the free profitable keyword and keyword rank checker training, is to help websites owners improve the results they can achieve and avoid missing important parts of their content optimization process.

We have noticed that many website owners and content producers do not know they can be measuring the success of their efforts by simply using a keyword rank checker.

Apart from anything else, it is a joy to see your targeted profit keywords gradually climbing to the top of Googe!

Removing Concerns Website Owners May Have

Some website owners are concerned that installing plugins and software on their websites,

  • may cause the websites to slow down
  • may cause an unexpected conflict
  • may crash the website
  • will require them to do a backup before proceeding
  • do not want to get involved with any complex set up or other configuration

These are valid concerns and so our free training addresses these very points.

It will explain and show you clearly how you can begin your keyword discovery and tracking today in less than 60 minutes.

It is the simplest, quickest and easiest way to get started.

Throw in the prizes and bonuses shown further down this page and it would be madness to ignore this training. Especially while it has all these special features and bonuses available, just waiting for you to claim them!

Website Owners Free Profitable Keyword & Keyword Rank Checker Training

$25,000 Giveaway News – Join To Win

 $25,000 Giveaway Bonuses & Prizes Added to Our Free Keyword Rank Checker Training

Exited? We have added some real excitement for those who wish to join us today.

You might be thinking,

‘another task to add to the to-do list’

We have transformed our new training into an attractive

‘learn about keyword rank tracking’

and then

‘take a vacation break, have fun and relax!’

Not only do we wish to encourage you to learn about profitable keywords and keyword rank checking, we want you to be rewarded for doing so!

Take a break – join us and win one of the giveaway rewards keyword rank checker training

$25,000 Giveaway

We have added a $25,000 Giveaway. We are giving you Hotel Cash Credits up to $500 (£420+) in value. You can use these in over 1 million hotels around the world. See how it works here and view the video explanation.

We are also providing lucky winners with holiday resort vacations. Have a look at a small sample of some of the resorts that we have featured here.  

Now we know this will no doubt raise some ‘skeptical’ thinking. We can assure you this is not timeshare and there are no hoops to jump through. It is a genuine giveaway. That is why we advise you to check it first.

No Obligation – Entirely Optional

You are not obliged in any way to engage in this Giveaway. It is entirely optional. If it does not appeal to you, just ignore it. You can still enjoy the free keyword rank checker training on its own. This is simply an extra fun bonus we have taken the time to add, for the benefit of those who wish to take advantage of it.

Find Improvements & Measure Growth

So now you know how to join our $25,000Giveaway, let’s get back to keywords and keyword rank checking.

Determining keyword ranking improvements allows site owners to monitor their enhancement and development.

It also has the added advantage of assisting to focus attention upon areas that might need extra work.

Spotting brand-new opportunity rapidly is constantly an advantage. It means new company growth can be accomplished, where it might otherwise have actually been ignored.

Tracking Your Keyword Ranking Positions What Does It Look Like?

See the image below (keywords blanked out for protection) ranking positions are shown.

28 top ten spots and others are on their way toward hitting the top ten

What do keyword ranking results look like?
No Monthly Fees

Save Money With Keyword Rank Checking

Setting up a brand-new service and website can be expensive. Even existing websites can gain from a more affordable option, where all the complexity of some of the pricier keyword rank checking tools are not needed.

Envision not having to stress about the overall number of keywords being tracked and just how much it would usually be costing you to do so?

This can be a considerable saving of costs for lots of sites owners.

We are aiming to help plug the gap that prevents many website owners and content service providers from reaching their full online capability.

WP Beginner? – This Short Training Will Suit You

 This training is ideally suited for you, If you are a WP beginner or WordPress beginner.

WP newbies frequently overlook the requirement to have a keyword rank checker for their sites.

It is something WP beginners need to master earlier instead of later on.

Why? Merely as it will help in turning your site into a traffic attracting website, particularly if you are targeting the correct keywords for your specific niche, with search volume and intent behind them.

Join us and get your free copy of our keyword rank checker training

Website beginners free keyword rank checker training and $25,000 giveaway

Frequently Asked Questions 

1 Is there an introduction to keyword rank checker? How do I find keyword rank checker training?

Yes, there is an introduction and you can find keyword rank checker training here.

See our free ‘Beginners Guide Keyword Rank Checker’ here

Beginners Guide Google Keyword Rank Checker Training

2 Is there an introduction to finding ‘hidden gem’ keywords? How do I find hidden gem keywords?

Yes, there is an introduction and find those hidden gem keywords here.

See our free ‘Beginners Guide Keyword Rank Checker’ here

3 Is there an introduction to finding profitable keywords? How do I find profitable keywords?

Yes, there is an introduction and find profitable keywords here.

See our free ‘Beginners Guide Keyword Rank Checker’ here

4 Is there an introduction to finding the best keywords for my business? How do I find the best keywords for my business?

Yes, there is an introduction and you can find the best keywords for your business here.

See our free ‘Beginners Guide Keyword Rank Checker’ here

Google Keyword Rank Checker

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