News Trending Business Topic Last 12 Months – Did You Miss It?

News Trending Business Topic Worldwide

What’s the news regarding a topic that has been trending for the last 12 months in the world of on-online business?

Why is this topic trending and why the worldwide interest?

If you take a look at the graph below, taken from Google trends, it shows steady and consistent interest worldwide.

News trending business topic worldwide

It can also be seen that the level of interest is at roughly the 75 mark out of 100, so it is a pretty hot topic

Keyword Rank Checker

The Last Five Years Has Seen Keyword Rank Checker Gathering Interest

Do you know that the last 5 years has also seen interest in keyword rank checker grow steadily worldwide?

The graph below shows the interest in the topic of ‘keyword rank checker’, over this 5 year period.

As you can see demand shows a steady increase over that time.

News trending business topic worldwide keyword rank checker worldwide past 5 years

From a low of 25 in 2017, we can see a pretty strong interest over the 5 year timeline

2004 to 2022 Keyword Rank Checker Trends

News trending business topic worldwide from 2004

Continued below …

Continued …

We can get an even better perspective when looking at the whole timeline from 2004 to 2022.

The growth of the trend becomes even more informative.

Interest begins to start building in 2009, shows steady growth and then really shows a spurt of interest from about 2018 on wards, well into the 70+ mark on a consistent basis.

It also seems that this interest is showing no signs of slowing down.

News Of Trending Business Topic Keyword Rank Checker

Website and WordPress Owners Are Discovering Keyword Rank Checker Is Trending
Why the interest in keyword rank checker worldwide?

Why The Interest In Keyword Rank Checker Worldwide?

What is the story behind this?

This trend that we see and particularly over the last 12 months, seems to suggest that as trading conditions change and become much more difficult, business owners are looking for ways in which to optimize their business and remain ahead of their competition.

Where A Business Ranks In Google For Specific Keywords

One of the best ways that this can be done is knowing where your business ranks in Google for specific keyword terms.

In the tough economic times business owners are facing, the steady growth in this trend makes logical sense.

By measuring the effect of digital marketing in a business, it becomes easier to measure growth and to know what is and is not working.

New targets for growth can be identified and improved as cost effectively as possible over time.

Where do specific keywords rank in Google

What Are The Best Keyword Terms To Rank For?

Overall, the best keyword terms to rank for, are normally the keyword terms with some intent behind them. This translates as some intent to buy or where people are searching for a specific product, brand or service.

It may be that a business owner has a very popular product and they wish to know where they are in the search rankings. This can help them over the longer term to sell more of that product or discover additional search terms that they can rank keywords for. That means selling more of the product or service. It is a simple way of focusing upon the growth areas of any specific business.

Will keyword rank checker take a lot of time?

How Much Time Does It Take And Will It Cost A Lot of Money?

Keyword rank checking does not need to take up a lot of time, if you use a simple set and forget method to get the results you need to see.

In addition, it need not cost a lot of money. The whole purpose of keyword rank checking is to enable you to make more money.

Will keyword rank checker cost a lot of money?
Introduction and beginners guide to keyword rank checker

Introduction To Keyword Rank Tracking Beginners Guide

Some business owners are only just being introduced to the idea of tracking and checking their business keywords.

This means there has been a lot of demand looking for ways to get started quickly and easily checking keyword rankings.

This in turn has stimulated demand for a beginner’s guide and an introduction to keyword rank checking and Google Keyword rank tracking.  

This is a part of the story behind the release of Business Promotion Central’s new free guide,

‘The Beginner’s Guide to Google Keyword Rank Tracking’

This free guide now means that any business owner, whether online, offline or locally, can claim their copy of this free introduction to keyword rank checking

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free download – introduction to keyword rank checker beginners guide

PS -Free Ways To Find Great Profitable Keywords For Your Business

This introduction includes free ways in which to conduct keyword research for any business or niche.

It will help you find your most profitable keywords and the variation of keywords that people are searching for online. These keywords maybe local, national or international.

Keyword Ranking Checking – You Need To Know About It

If you have not so far been following this trend of keyword rank checking, now is the time to take the next step and claim your free guide – ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Google Keyword Rank Tracking’

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