Beginners Book Google Keyword Rank Tracking

Beginners Book Google Keyword Rank Tracking

Introduction to keyword rank tracking

Beginners Guide Google Keyword Rank Tracking

Are you looking for help and want to use a simple Google keyword rank checking tool?

How Do I Check My Keyword Ranking?

Finding the right solution can seem overwhelming and frustrating because there are so many different options. Many of these Google rank checking tools are both complex and expensive.

If you think it makes sense to learn how to quickly use a simple but effective keyword rank checking tool, then this is for you.

Avoid The High Costs Some Keyword Tracking Services Charge

In addition, why pay out a small fortune for solutions that continue to charge ongoing monthly fees?

These can be as much as $1188 (£950) per year.

If you are you just starting out, learning how to begin tracking Google keywords for your website can be very profitable over the long run.

It is important to keep your costs and expenses to a minimum when running a business. This Google Keyword Tracking Plugin Saves You Money

We have the best free guide to show you how to use this simple and easy to use tool.  Who wants to feel overwhelmed with a barrage of complex features that take months to learn?

You can be using this easy to understand Google keyword tracking software in record time

What is the best keyword ranking checker tool?

Beginners Are Adding Superpowers To Their Websites

  • Discover how to track multiple keywords and multiple domains
  • Voted the most easy to use tool for tracking Google keywords
  • Easy to follow instructions designed for beginners and those who are new to Google keyword rank tracking tools.
  • Step by step instructions mean you can install this once. Track your own keywords and also be able to track competitor sites.
  • Receive email alerts when your keywords enter the top 10
  • All carried out automatically
  • Get daily ranking updates automatically and you are able to view a simple graphical chart showing the history for each particular keyword

Best Rank Checker Tool


Getting daily ranking email reports straight to your inbox is a fantastic feature.

It means that all your websites will be covered.

You can include competitor websites, together with their keywords and discover the latest rankings.

There is no need to log in and check the tool each day.

One email is all you need to keep fully up to date.

This has to be the simplest and easiest way to begin tracking your website’s keywords in Google.

You will be pleased to quickly learn what is working and what is not working as you move forward.

Great Features 

What features do I need in a keyword tracking tool?

Ideal For Beginners

This is ideal for beginners because everything is 100% automated and you can see the results right inside your website.

    No Monthly Fees

You don’t have to pay monthly fees for rank tracking software. Everybody knows these can be very expensive, as much as $99 per month plus.

Tracking Your Keyword Rankings

So no more manual tracking,

Tracking rankings manually is boring, takes a lot of time and it is lots of work.

This way you can save hours every day and work on other important tasks.

Control Your Data

All your data is retained on your website under your control, rather than being passed to other third parties.

First Step Keyword Rank Tracking

This is the first step in improving your website presence in Google

This will help you to see if your digital marketing is working and where you can begin making any needed improvements



Zero Manual Work Google Keyword Rank Checking

People Often Ask,

‘How Do I Discover The Best Keywords To Track?’

We have great introductory information on this to get you started. You will learn how to find which sets of keywords already have people searching for them within your niche

We will also show you how you can get a good number of these keywords free, every day.

However, the first thing you need is your Google keyword tracking tool.

Our free guide will show you how to find keywords and then help you understand how easy it is to begin tracking their rankings.

When you discover a keyword that you want to track, you can begin measuring your position for it within Google search rankings.

This Google Rank Checking Tool Is So Easy To Use

The dashboard shows you the top page rankings for the keywords you are tracking, for every keyword, up to page three, for your entire site. You will also see at a glance where each keyword is positioned within the top one hundred results.

This means you don’t have to dig through pages of results ever again.

With this tool you can track sites on any Google domain or region.

Tracking hundreds of keywords and multiple sites has never been easier.

A Set and Forget Solution

If you want a set and forget solution this is ideal.

For the beginner, this is a sinch to use.

Our free guide explains exactly how to get the best out of your Google keyword rank tracking.

If you are a technophobe and do not like installing software onto your website, there is an installation service available.

Once installed, you will be able to take full control of tracking your keywords.

Instant Keyword Rank Checking

Use On An Alternative Website?

If you wish to set this up on a separate website to your main domain, you can do that yourself or there is a full installation service.  

We can install this software on a website for you, together with hosting and you will be able to log in and use the keyword tracker with ease. All set-up can be done for you.

Google Keyword Rank Tracker Is Loved

This Google keyword rank tracker is loved by bloggers, WordPress owners, internet marketers and many other online businesses.

As one of our users said,

‘this is awesome. Keyword rank tracking is on everyone’s mind. Why? because everybody wants to know, where is my site ranking for the specific profit keywords that I’m following?

Knowing where your website is ranking is absolutely key.

And to be able to do this from your own website dashboard really is advantageous.

It’s the difference between knowing immediately what keywords are working and which ones are not working.

And this is what is so helpful for many people in ranking their websites.’

So if you are a beginner and want an introduction to a simple, yet effective, Google Keyword Rank Tracker, this is ideal for you because people really do love this.

Don’t wait any longer.

Claim your Free introductory guide to Google keyword rank tracking.

Fully Automated 

Discover why using a fully automated process will save you time and effort. Zero manual work and zero effort as you move forward is a big plus point.

If the only reason you pick this guide up today was to save time, that reason alone would be enough to justify the short time this takes to get a complete overview. 

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