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Helping Business Website Owners Give Themselves A Pay Rise

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What is in this video?

Why are you here today? Why these chatbots are different
What are the lifeblood areas of your business? Why some chatbots are useless
How to improve efficiency and effectiveness in business What were the instant results?

How chatbots improve sales, subscribers, enquiries, bookings, appointments, reservations, sessions,

Hidden sales, hidden subscribers in your website and how to find them?
Sceptical? What improvements could you expect?
Big brands using chatbots? How many extra clients or customers can be added to your business?


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Will You Be Surprised? Business Promotion Central

…Give Yourself A Pay Rise – The Smart Way!

Will You Be Surprised?

We all make assumptions. What do you assume about your website visitors?

What your website visitors will respond to, may not be the things ‘you’ would expect them to respond to.

You too may be surprised. I know I was.

Take a moment and think about what you ‘assume’ about your website visitors?

You will be taking the first step in awarding yourself the ‘pay rise’ that you deserve.

The Second Step – Feedback and Results

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Make more money from your website visitors

Feedback And Results

The only way to know for sure what your website visitors will respond to is by getting feedback and results.

That begins by engaging with your website visitors.

One of the best ways of doing that is with a proactive and automatically engaging chatbot.

You personally may not like them.

You might think they could not work for your business.

The results, however, speak for themselves.

In Business All That Matters Are Results

Conversions Matter 100%

One website that depolyed our chatbots on had a 400% increase in sales.

We all know that segmenting out the buyers is the hardest part of any business. Make the task easier.

Newsletter Sign Ups Showed Steady Growth

Another website adopting our chatbots saw a steady and growing pattern of signups to its newsletter, when previously the sign ups were practically non-existent.

Your Pay Rise

When the conversions in your business increase, you are working more efficiently and more effectively.

Email And Other Follow up

If you have a good follow up email sequence in place that is already working, adding more qualified leads and customers into that sequence will improve the results. You will get another pay rise!

It all begins with engaging more of your website visitors and giving yourself the opportunity to convert more of them into subscribers and sales.

One of the best ways of doing this right now is by using the right type of chatbots.

Not Any Old Chatbot Will Do The Trick

There are many chatbots out there.

You may have tried a few.

Chatbots need the ability to be proactive in starting a conversation and engaging your website visitors.

That small difference creates far better results than the chatbots that just sit at the bottom of the screen waiting for the visitor to interact with them and you hoping the visitor might just ask a question.

The Second Element Your Chatbot Needs

The second element your chatbot needs is the conversational script to suit the needs of your specific website visitors.

This alone can take months of trial and error.

It is far better to use conversational scripts that have been tried and tested to gain proven results.

Can You Ignore This? Will You Be Kicking Yourself ?

You can ignore this whole idea but I can guarantee you that you will end up kicking yourself.

You will at some stage in the future decide to use a chat bot on your website.

Your competition will adopt them. It will be for one reason. They work.

By then you will be playing serious catch up.

ignoring chatbot potential is lost money

You Will Also Find You Have A Lost A Lot of Money.

When you multiply in the future, the point in time from your discovering the idea of chatbots and all the time you failed to use them, the losses will be clearly measurable.

The financial losses in your business will be considerable.

You will have simply let money slip through your fingers

Chatbots Are Persistent and Consistent

Chatbots are both persistent and consistent and eventually they win the numbers game.

They segment out your subscribers and buyers in the most efficient way possible.

The only real way to know this with certainty is to try using them and see the results for yourself.

Why Would You Wish To Ignore That?

There is only one time to begin improving the results in your business.

To give yourself the pay rise you deserve.

That time is now. Find out more here

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