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New – Secure More Leads And Customers From Your Existing Website Visitors

…And Make More Money – The Smart Way!

Within 8 Seconds – 50% of Visitors Will Leave Your Website

How to get your website visitors attention and turn them into sales and subscribers

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Make more money from your website visitors

Better Website Conversions

Employ Visitor Engagement Tools & ‘Get The Conversation Started!’

Make your lead magnets work harder!

Attention – Have You Go It?

1 Within 8 seconds – 50% of visitors will leave your website.

2 In addition, 98% of your website visitors will leave without doing anything to engage.

How to beat this?

That’s right. A massive 50% of all website visitors leave the typical website within 8 seconds of arriving

So, what does your website need to be doing in those 8 seconds to keep people on your website and convert them to buyers?

It hurts when ultimatley, 98% of your website visitors simply chose to leave and probably never come back

What can you do to improve these numbers?

Does your website pass the 8 second test?

You Could Find Hidden Gold In Your Website

Once you start better engagement with your website visitors, you may be very suprised with the results. Expect to see a lot more interest to your offers.

More people will subscribe and in some cases will buy.

In one of our sample websites, these conversational scripts were responsible for an increase in front end sales of 400%, compared to live agents.

What was also very revealing, was the fact these sales were all additional.

The website still continued to make the same number of sales by the live agents as it had before.

These additional subscribers and sales were all a bonus. They had been there all along. The problem was knowing how to find this out and then finding a way of ‘extracting’ them!

The Truth Can Be Hidden In Plain Sight

The truth about your website conversions, sales, business efficiency and effectiveness.

Even small improvements can see big returns from the exact same numer of website visitors.


It’s time you found out if your website can benefit, isn’t it?

PS – If you do not investigate this now and come back in  6 months time, you will end up ‘kicking’ yourself.

You will realise that you have lost 6 moths worth of hidden profit, all because you failed to grasp the offer of potential and opportunity available today. It makes sense to go here now, doesn’t it?

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