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Scale of Fees For Paid Credits – at different charging price points for minimum 2 credits purchased (answering own questions)

  • £5.49 -Fee £3.49- Profit = £2.00 (approximately $2.52)
  • £4.99 -Fee £3.19 – Profit = £1.80p (approximately $2.26)
  • £4.49 -Fee £2.85 – Profit = £1.60p (approximately $2.16)
  • £3.99 – Fee £2.59 -Profit = £1.40p (approximately $1.76)
  • £3.49 – Fee £2.29 – Profit = £1.20p (approximately $1.51)
  • £2.99 – Fee £1.99 -Profit = £1.00 (approximately $1.26)

Fees increase pro rata if customers buy larger packages of credits

  • The system is flexible in what you charge. As price goes up – our costs increase because of the cost to us of Free credits we give out within the system
  • Begin with lower prices, it actually increases profits and increases the number of paid accounts created
  • If you have established traffic and charge more of a premium rate – then the higher rates it will also work just as well… it depends upon your client type and if clients already value your service as a premium service

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