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Illustrative case study for one of our ordinary clients who was facing the closure of his business in 2020. 

Our client knew he had to take action and respond to the change in trading conditions.

He decided to promote his Ecommerce site and with our help was able to save his business and transform his online sales from £157 per week in 2019 to £1997.50 per week by 2021.

Sales 12 months 2019 v 2020 - case study illustration

Below are the sales figures for the first quarter of 2021 compared to 2020.

The figures are growing and are now at £2458 per week (gross) compared to £197 per week in 2019.

The effects are cumulative and growth is steady and reliable over time. 

sales this year verses last year
sales last quarter Jan - March 21 see the percentage increase

In the image above you will see the gross sales figures £29,531.71 (gross) and then the net sales figures £23,970 for the first quarter 2021. 

If we divide the net figure by 12 weeks, we arrive at the net sales figure of £1997.50 per week. 

Our client could have grown at a faster rate but wanted to grow at a rate he felt able to cope with in his business. 


Our client is now smiling and happy that his business was saved from certain closure.

Both myself and my team are just grateful that we could help to do our part in helping to save our clients business and helping his business grow during 2020.  

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